What Are Dispensaries Planning for 4/20, and How Can Your Business Take Advantage?

IndustryWhat Are Dispensaries Planning for 4/20, and How Can Your Business Take Advantage?Lisa RoughApril 13, 2017

The cannabis world is buzzing and brimming with excitement in preparation for the industry’s biggest holiday, April 20 (otherwise known as 4/20). This day is and has always been one of the biggest for dispensaries and retail cannabis shops, with many stores pulling out all the stops to make it a day to remember (or forget in a blissful haze, depending on your favorite strain or product).

Leafly reached out to some of our top-rated dispensaries to see what deals and promotions will be floating around the scene, what lessons store owners have taken away from past 4/20 events, as well as which products are the most popular this year.

Some stores are going all out with celebrations, while others are sticking with low-key, word-of-mouth promotions. Which method works best for your canna-business?

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Infinite Wellness Center in Fort Collins, CO, decided to step up its 4/20 game this year and will be holding a three-day event from April 20 through April 23, featuring giveaways of 500 vendor-sponsored T-shirts with applicable purchase. Every hour, the store will be holding a raffle drawing for a $1 ounce of cannabis flower. That’s right, an ounce of cannabis for just $1!

Over the course of the three-day celebration, various brands will be 20% off, including vapes, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and flower, so keep an eye on the specials! Additionally, there will be giveaways of CBD capsules, Eureka Vapor cartridges, and a Pax 3, plus goodies from the O.Pen bus, which will be onsite all day Sunday, April 23.

Emerald Dispensary in Phoenix, AZ, also took a lesson from last year and combined forces with a few of their cannabis-friendly neighboring businesses to harness the full power of the cannabis holiday, including a 4/20 party with Leafly onsite giving away gifts and swag.

Business Takeaway: Events and free giveaways are a great way to boost your sales and create brand loyalty with new customers.

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General Manager Rob Smith of Emerald Dispensary took note of a few 4/20 trends from years’ past. “I’d say probably about 75 percent of 420-goers do a tour and go to more than one place, to pick and choose all the best deals,” he informs us. Since moving to their new location in Phoenix, their store has 12 point-of-sale systems to make for a quick and painless visit for patients. “Those people will know to put Emerald on their list because they know we won’t eat up their time.”

Additionally, Emerald Dispensary (formerly known as Emerald Palace) has formed a partnership with several neighboring businesses. Paraphernalia Boutique, billed as the Best Head Shop in Phoenix, is offering specials that help promote both businesses, and Emerald will be offering specials on flower and concentrate to help drum up more business for the neighboring shop. Between that and Sun Valley Certification, a medical marijuana clinic just a few doors down from Emerald, this is a prime example of how working with your neighbors can have a great, positive impact on both companies.

Business Takeaway: Make sure you’re fully prepared for the onslaught of customers and patients, and consider partnering with local canna-friendly businesses to make the most of your sales while also garnering goodwill with your neighbors.

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Have a Heart in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, on the other hand, is taking a decidedly different approach to 4/20. Rather than promoting a big party, as it has in the past, the prominent Seattle cannabis company is relying on word of mouth from its loyal customer base and keeping mum on the biggest specials and promotions for the celebration. Have a Heart will be offering surprise deals to any walk-in customers on 4/20 and will be releasing new products with special prices. Additionally, there will be another surprise promotion over the weekend. What will it be? You’ve got to stop by to find out!

Business Takeaway: When you’ve got strong brand loyalty, use the power of your customers to spread the news of your specials. Highlighting “surprise” deals and “mystery” perks can create a sense of intrigue and attract curious customers who want to see what you’ve come up with.

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At Purple Star MD in San Francisco, CA, the hot ticket item of the year is the newly released Pax Era, and the dispensary has stocked its shelves in preparation for one of the best deals you’ll find all year. Combining the hot new product with a desire to maintain an eco-friendly cannabis industry, Purple Star MD will be accepting old 510 thread vape pen batteries to be recycled in exchange for a brand new Pax Era for just $4.20! This is a great example of helping the cannabis community be more sustainable while also giving patients a great deal in the meantime.

Business Takeaway: Using an environmentally-conscious approach to deals and promotions is a great way to earn new business and a warm spot in the heart of every eco-friendly cannabis consumer.

Meanwhile, most dispensaries are sticking with the tried-and-true method of rewarding loyal patients and customers with freebies, deals, specials, and, best of all, free swag giveaways. What are your 4/20 plans this year? If you don’t have anything specific in mind, try some of these business takeaways and see what sort of success they bring!

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