The Top 11 Outdoor Marijuana Growing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marijuana growing outdoors is not complicated or difficult. In fact it is the easiest way for a new cannabis gardener to give cultivation a try.  All you need is a little space and good sunlight.  You can even grow in a container on a sunny balcony.

But as easy as outdoor gardening can be, things can go wrong.  Pay attention to these eleven common outdoor marijuana gardening mistakes, to help insure you have a robust healthy harvest at the end of your labors.

1. Growing marijuana in too small a container – Yes you can plant directly into the ground, but many people prefer to keep their marijuana plants in a container for various reasons.  If the container you are growing in is too small, the plant’s roots will get root bound and it will never have a chance to reach its potential.  If you’re not planting in the ground, for the average outdoor plant you will want at least a 5 gallon container.  In this case the bigger the better.