Марихуана та лікування різних захворювань

Паблік "Конопляні люди" пропонує підбірку різноманітних сортів марихуани, які мають медичні властивості. Ця підбірка була складена за відгуками споживачів конопель на п'яти іноземних форумах та засновується на реальних медичних еффектах різних сортів марихуани. (більше…)

Вчимо англійську з марихуаною: Plan for (and Enjoy) the Ultimate Wake and Bake With These Tips

Lazy Sunday mornings set aside to indulge in the timeless act of a much anticipated ‘wake and bake’ have been a staple in cannabis culture almost as long as consuming the plant itself. Sleeping in late, rolling up a relaxing strain, diving into a rich (possibly infused) breakfast with nothing planned for the day ahead but peace, time, and maybe a Netflix marathon or two – w...

Вчимо англійську: Who is Canada’s Self-Styled ‘Prince of Pot’ – And What Does He Want?

Marc Emery and his stores, Cannabis Culture, came out of nowhere last week with the announcement that they were breaking federal marijuana laws at eight secret locations in the city. A few days later, the stores were raided, closed and Emery was thrown in jail. He was charged with drug trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking and conspiracy. He has been ...
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