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Summer is upon us and that means longer days to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for adventure under waterfalls or through an arid desert, there’s a trail out there for everyone—and what better way explore them all than with cannabis close at hand?


Cannabis in the Great Outdoors: Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Hiking, Backpacking and More


We all know fumbling with a fragile favorite pipe while navigating through fallen trees can be pretty inconvenient—and thanks to the rise of innovative outdoor-ready products designed with the nature-lover in mind, there’s no reason to bother. Need some all-natural rolling papers, the perfect cushioned carrying case, or a lightweight, compact bong that won’t break as you clamber over boulders? With the products below, you’re ready for anything.


For big, smooth hits without having to lug around a full-blown glass bong, meet the super-compact, rollable Roll-Uh-Bowl. This genius device was designed for adventure seekers on the go, and it’s made with non-toxic silicone for your peace of mind.

Simply fold your Roll-Uh-Bowl up and you can take it anywhere—it unfolds quickly and easily for when you need a fast break and a good smoke.

Price: $34.99

Anonymous Bags

I’ve always thrown my cannabis supplies in a little sandwich bag—pipe, flower, grinder—and tossed it into a camping backpack. By the time my trips were over, everything would smell like cannabis. But, thanks to Anonymous Bags, my cannabis aroma now keeps to itself.


This handy pouch is large enough to contain everything you’d possibly need, yet small enough to settle comfortably into a satchel or backpack. Not only that, it’s lined with scent-suppressive foil that will keep even the most aromatic flower discreet.

Price: $14.99 

7 Green Gold Twisty Glass Blunt

The folks at 7GreenGold took the busy work out of smoking—gone are the days of scooping out ash. With this nifty necessity, simply twist your burnt cannabis away as you toke up. The Twisty Glass Blunt holds up to 1.5 grams of ground flower, and is small and sturdy in spite of its glass casing, which makes it perfect for group camping. Light it up while you sit around the fire and pass it to the left as you swap hiking stories.

Not only is this device user-friendly, it’s also gorgeous. The internal gold screw is encased in clear, 2mm-thick glass, meaning you’ll feel like a million bucks as you reach an elevated state of mind. Load it up and throw it in your hiking bag—you won’t need anything else but a lighter and a trail.

Original Amnesia

To pair with your fresh air, you’ll want a touch of a buzzy sativa hybrid to kick-start your adventures. Original Amnesia by Plantamaster Seeds is the perfect match for a day in the sun.


This energizing strain will keep you alert as you pass through rivers, mountains, and hills. Not only that, you’ll feel relaxed at rest points as its soft body-buzz effects come into play. Regardless of whether you’re using the Roll-Uh-Bowl, twisty blunt, or papes, you’re going to want to pack this strain.

Price: $ 7-10 per 1 seed, varies by retailer.

RAW Natural Rolling Papers and Cones

RAW’s rolling papers, cones, and tips are a no-brainer for the outdoors enthusiast. All their Natural Rolling Papers are made with unrefined materials including pure hemp, and they pride themselves on their eco-friendly practices. What better way to respect nature than by supporting sustainable brands?


Additionally, RAW’s Classic Cones let you pack freshly ground cannabis with ease for a super speedy joint. No need to roll from scratch—just load it up, twist the top, and you’re good to go.

Price: Varies by product.